The Touron Recording Studio

When I recorded a piece on playing soccer in Honduras for the World Vision Report radio program this past fall, I went to a “professional” recording studio. Now that I have some of my own equipment, I’ve been cut loose to record myself.

Easier said than done.

For the first time ever, a behind the scenes look at the Touron Recording Studio (oh, and if you aren’t sure what a Touron is GO HERE).

10 essential items for your home studio:
Recording Studio2
1. A tent and enough room to pitch it.

2. An autographed picture of Punky Brewster to hold the story you will be reading, and, of course, for, you know, inspiration. “Every time I turn around…” Gotta love Punky.

3. An empty file holder that you bought one of those days when you were convinced an organized life was in your future.

4. 3 York Peppermint Paddies because after multiple readings you will be encased in a tent of your own breath. Why not have it be minty?

5. A glass of water. But no matter how much you drink, your throat will still itch causing you to cough and interrupting another less than perfect take.

6. A headlamp. Once you cover your tent with a blanket it gets dark.

7. A red pen to underline every “of” so you can try and remember to pronounce them.

8. Scrawled notes from your editor, telling you, a home studio newbie, what to do.

9. A mic (electro-voice RE-50) lashed to your camera tripod by 30’ of cord that you use to hang bear bags while hiking.

10. A minidisc recorder. These things are so cool. (Sony Himd MZRH-1)

But remember, no matter how fancy your setup or how much Punky Power you surround yourself with, you have absolutely zero chance of being able to pronounce the word “indigenous.”

Good luck.

Kyle says:

Looks like you’re about set, Kels! What’s going to be your first home studio recording? “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”? You rocked that one the last time.

Justin says:

Sweet setup Kels especially the Punky Brewster picture…

Punkyyyy Powerrrrrr!!!

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