Icarus taught us nothing

The fall of IcarusWe’re human. We aren’t supposed to fly without the aid of big fuel guzzling engines. To think otherwise is thumbing your nose at the Gods. And few things piss the Gods off more than a good ol’ fashion nose-thumbing.

If you’re buddy is attacked by “wild eagles” while paragliding, it’s a bad omen. You probably should sacrifice something, fast, or think seriously about self-mutilation, before taking to the sky. If the omen is ignored and you are sucked up into the heavens by a “tornado-like thunderstorm,” battered by orange-sized hail, and coated in ice… well, you had it coming.

Yeah, this happened. Read the story.

Note: This has nothing to do with my trip or clothing, but as the poorly paid proprietor of posting, I reserve the right to write about whatever the heck I want to. Expect to see many more bits o’ tid in the future.

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Johan says:

I LOVE outdoor wnetir maternity portraits! And these are no exception! Very clean & crisp yet such warmth with the couple, their love & expression. SO jealous you get to shoot outside already!

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