From Sweet Christian porn stars to iPhone Girl: A year in blogging

(The theme song of this blog for 2010)

Blogging never ceases to surprise me. It seems like the most fleeting of thoughts slapped down end up being the biggest hits.

Here are the greatest hits (some in actual hits and some that I just like) from 2010

Christian Porn Stars Wanted – the most visited post of the year. Sorry grandma.

Travelers Give a Shit – One of the most visited and probably my favorite. I’ll be building on this theme in 2011.

A Popular post written by a boob for boobs…did I mention boobs yet? – In which I rant against keyword driven content in media and blogs.

He-Man vs. Dora The Explorer – rumination on today’s cartoons.

Big Butter Jesus is Toast – Jesus statue goes…

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Meet iPhone Girl

Do consumers care about the people making our stuff?


Don’t believe me; meet iPhone girl…

In 2008 a British man fired up his new iPhone and discovered photos of a worker at the Chinese factory where his phone was made. He posted the photos on macrumors and in a matter of weeks the ensuing comment thread had nearly 700 comments and people all over the world were asking, “Who is iPhone Girl?”

iPhone girl became a sensation. Her smiling face was on cNET , on MSNBC, and in the Washington Post.

They tracked iPhone girl to a factory in Shenzhen where a company spokesperson called the incident a “beautiful mistake.” And it was for Apple. They had been blasted in the press for…

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2010 Engaged Consumer Gift Guide

On Friday the population of the United State doubles. Or at least it seems to in Muncie, Indiana. Starbucks will be crammed with saggy-eyed shoppers selling sleep for a good deal. Target’s parking lot will be bumper-to-bumper, the chaos moving tectonically slow if it moves at all.

Ears will be filled with Christmas music, hearts with joy, credit cards with debt, and fingernails caked with the epithelials of the other shoppers you had to claw out of the way between you and the Chia Obama. Muncie CSI will find them later, but for now you can enjoy shopping.

Chances are the products will be made by someone like iPhone girl, or someone I met on my Where Am I Wearing trip, who works long, hard…

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Tom Friedman at my alma mater

I went to my alma mater, Miami University, to see Tom Friedman speak about his new book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded. Tom thinks that we – as in America – have to lead the way on the coming ET (Energy Technology) revolution.

His timing to visit Miami and speak about energy couldn’t have been more ironic; half of the students were still without power courtesy of the remnants of Hurricane Ike. In fact, 1,000 Miami students participated in front of the university president’s house and protested the decision to not cancel classes.

Energy – or the lack thereof – is a hot topic at Miami right now.

In front of the library I heard an interesting conversation:

“Got power yet?” says girl #1.

“Yeah,” says girl #2, “we’ve got power,…

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