Good People aren’t White Saviors

Kelsey Nielsen

Kelsey Nielsen first traveled to Uganda to “love on babies” at an orphanage as a self-described “White Savior.” Then she started to ask questions about privilege and power and how best to help people. She is one of the founders of “No White Saviors” an Instagram account that has turned into a movement.

Our conversation on the Good People podcast went so long that I broke it into two parts. I could’ve asked her more questions. You can listen below or on Apple Podcasts or probably other places too. (I like doing the interviews, but not so much the administrivia a podcast or life requires.)

Part 1

Part 2

Show notes:

No White Saviors Instagram page

Africa Does Not Need More Orphanages : Kelsey N. wrote this guest post on my blog in 2012 about her early experiences at the orphanage in Uganda.

On Being White and Saving Africa:  From 2014. Shows Kelsey’s evolution in her thinking from her 2012 post. You can definitely see the roots of No White Saviors in this essay.

Renee Bach wasn’t a doctor, but she still treated many patients in Uganda, lawsuit says : ABC news report on NWS and Renee Bach.

On A Mission To Make White People Uncomfortable : Nonprofit quarterly profile of NWS.

A Frivolous Gift or a Lifelong Memory: My story on visiting Fantasy Kingdom in Bangladesh


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