An opportunity to Give to The Legend of Kenya

(Rozy Mbone shares her dream of having a safe place for those in her community to escape a life of crime)

I was in Kenya researching WHERE AM I GIVING and I met a young woman named Rozy in the Korogocho slum of Nairobi.

Rozy and her friends were all former gang members. There were few opportunities to make a living in their community, so they lived a life of crime surrounded by death, violence, prostitution, and robbery.

A woman named Selline Korir visited Korogocho and talked about peace and encouraged Rozy to leave her old life behind. Rozy did and soon the others followed and now they promote peace and dialogue in a community where death and violence are everyday life.

We often think our lives have to be in perfect order before we can make an impact. That’s bullshit. These folks prove that. The Legend of Kenya have been honored by USAID and Rozy even met President Obama. She chose the name of the group “because Legends live forever.”

I enjoyed writing an entire chapter on them and I’m looking forward to you reading it.


There are very few jobs in Korogocho, and many businesses outside of Korogocho refuse to hire someone from the slum who doesn’t have the correct papers. Rozy is basically a full-time peace worker in her community and isn’t paid.

Here’s what Rozy wants to do with that degree:

“I am planning to be an investigator with an aim of supporting people from informal settlements of Nairobi; who are sometimes victims of poor judgment due to lack of proper evidence provided in court during their case proceedings.”

Here’s how to help:

One semester costs – $720
One month of room & board – $120

I’m hoping we can raise at least enough to pay for this semester. Whatever we are short, I’ll do my best to make up the difference.

If you’d like to help support Rozy email me at and I’ll send you details.


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