Cancer can take, but it also can give

(Video from Facing Cancer in East Central Indiana)

Cancer doesn’t know race, religion, gender, or political ideology. Cancer has touched all of our lives. Maybe not our own bodies, but the bodies of someone we love.

That’s why the most recent Facing Project led by Dr. Adam Kuban’s Ball State class of Ingelhardt Scholars was so important. Students ran the project from start to finish along with their community partner Little Red Door.

From what I’ve seen and read, cancer can divide us, make us feel alone as we deal with our illness or mortality or that of a loved one. But cancer can also connect us. I’ve seen my mother-in-law become a one-woman cancer support group for an entire community after she survived breast cancer.

I know cancer can take so much. I can’t bring myself to read Rory Feek’s blog after the passing of his wife Joey.

I’m scared of what cancer can take, but I’m also inspired by what it can give.

Cancer can give us purpose. Cancer can teach us how to live.

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Peg Fisher


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