Life finds energy

Each month I chat with folks I work out with at my CrossFit gym and share our chat on the gym’s blog. I always love having an excuse just to sit and listen to someone and to learn from their journey.

It’s important to be reminded that every single person has a story. This month I talked with Libby Hobson who just became a mom and who showed me that balloon twisting is an art. Her story made me reflect on randomness of our lives and the importance of connecting with people no matter where we end up.

Here’s how I ended her story:

Libby’s story reminded me of a quote that gets thrown around a lot by basketball coaches and players. Here’s IU coach Tom Crean with a recent version:

“The ball always finds energy. The more you pass, cut with purpose, screen with force and sprint the floor, the more that energy shows up.”

I don’t want to get too philosophical here, but, man, that’s life, that’s living. The more active you are, the more you get out, the more you move, the more you live. You relocate to an unknown city, you stumble onto a hidden talent, you see how tough you are, you explore compassion and overhead squats. Suddenly people you never thought you would meet doing a thing you never thought you’d do are throwing you a party in a place you never thought you’d be.


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