Connecting with Germany


I’ve been to Germany. I spent one night sleeping in a subway with a group of homeless folks in Frankfort.

So, really, I’ve barely been to Germany, but my words are there.

A few years ago a German textbook publisher adopted an excerpt of WEARING or of an article I wrote on WEARING. I don’t really remember. Now each year I get emails from German students asking follow up questions to the story. At first I tried to answer them all, but that became a bit like work. Now I offer to Skype with the class.

I just got off Skype with the enthusiastic students above, one who reached out to me on Twitter.  They stayed after school to Skype with me. They were hilarious. I had trouble understanding their questions over their giggles. That got me giggling, and then we all were just staring at each other an ocean a part lost in a giggle vortex, but connecting all the same.

I’m thankful my words are out there reaching folks, but nothing is better than actually connecting with them in real or virtual life.


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