Where Am I Eating Cover

Here’s the Where Am I Eating cover! (I only had a low-res file, hence the pixilation.) A big thanks to Rule29 for the awesome design and to my parents for my rugged good looks. This bad boy will be hitting the shelves Earth Day (April 22nd).

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The winter’s night sky was clear, one of those where you can’t see just stars but the galaxies they make up. The snow hid the ground’s flaws – the potholes, the sewers, the frozen dead squirrels. I took a breath as fresh as fresh air can be, and turned to my wife and said:

“Ah as fresh as a store cut slice of Arby’s roast beef.”

[insert record scratch]

Now, I’ve consumed my fair share of Arby’s roast beefs over the years, so don’t think I’m above them. But nothing about their paper-thin slices of beef makes me think of freshness. Have you ever held up a slice? The anemic piece of meet shaved off of some poor feedlot cow is nearly see-through.

Yet their most recent ad…

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Write a Full-Length Work of Literary Journalism

If you’re interested in the writing I do, there’s a class for that.

The last writing class I took was English 102 during my freshman year at Miami University. At least that was the last class until I audited Literary Journalism taught by writer Mark Masse’ at Ball State University in 2010. Now the class is online and being offered to anyone interested. (You would enroll as a non-degree (non-licensure) student. If you are interested, Ball State is now offering this class online with Mark. That means you don’t have to worry about driving to Muncie and finding parking on campus, or about wearing pants while attending class! Freedom!

Here’s how Mark describes the class:

J614 is an advanced literary journalistic writing workshop taught in a 100 percent online format. It is…

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The greatest thing you can give is your time to another.

Unfortunately I didn’t have loads of time this year to give. Between traveling for three months researching EATING, and speaking across the country, which had me away for more than 30 days, I was booked. When I did have free time, I spent it with Annie and the kids.

I simply didn’t have the time to give as much as I would’ve liked. Therefore I feel like I wasn’t the Big Brother (through Big Brothers & Big Sisters) nor the ally through Teamwork for Quality Living) that I should’ve been.

These are definitely two of my biggest regrets from 2012.


On a much more positive note, I found a vehicle in which…

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SPEAKING of 2013

I’ve been writing since 2001. I knew that I enjoyed sharing stories from the page. When WEARING came out, I started to receive requests to speak across the country.

Who likes to speak in front of a large group of people? I’ve read that some fear the stage more than death. Eek! But in 2009 I discovered that I love sharing stories from the stage almost as much as sharing them from the page.

In 2012 I got to speak a lot. I spent more than a month on the road in 2012 traveling to speak in front of some of the biggest audiences to which I’ve ever spoken. I talked to auditoriums and stadiums full of people who where there just to listen to…

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A year in travel: There and back again


(An unexpected leg of a bus trip in Burkina Faso)

 The first time I stepped into a developing country was in 2001 in Thailand. I was wide-eyed. My senses were overloaded. Everything was new, everything was different.

The more you travel, the less you see.

You get used to being the odd man out, and seeing odd things. I don’t think I’ve ever become jaded by travel, but I think it takes a bit more to make me awestruck, to register on my sense of wonder meter. So I was thrilled and honored to travel with students from West Texas A&M to Honduras. Seeing them seeing the world for the first time was definitely one of my…

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Writing: The year that was, the year that will be


(picking coffee in Colombia)

I lived to write in 2012.


I came across some amazing stories in 2012, but to do that I had to be away too much from my amazing family. Don’t tell my editor, but I wasn’t sure if it was possible to travel to eight countries (Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Burkina Faso, China) for research for three months and write an 85,000 word book in a single year. It is. Barely.

EATING comes out April 22nd. If you want to know where I’ve been this year and where your food actually comes from, reading EATING will do both. WHERE AM…

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