Australian woman uses her vagina to knit

This is the actual first sentence of a piece on TIME Magazine’s site:

There’s one kind of knitted good that you probably won’t find on Etsy: the kind that comes out a human vagina.

I’ve looked for the origins of clothing around the world, but, I have to admit, I never imagined clothes would originate THERE. And by there I mean vagina.

I’m not sure this is art that I get.  Because I don’t get this at all.  She just stuffs the yarn up there regardless of the time of month and pulls the strands out to knit.  She still knits with her hands.  She just uses her vagina for yarn spool storage.  I don’t see the art, beauty, or vaginal respect that this is intended to inspire.

If you’re still curious, you can watch the video below. It’s pretty much NSF-Anywhere unless you are comfortable answering the question, “What are you watching?” with “A woman knitting out of her vagina.”

Stinger Contos says:

OK, you sucked me in and there is no video on your blog, fix it man, I gotta see this! Don’t make me de-Blog you or whatever the hell the angry internet folk do.

kewanitaan says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about majakani.

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