Chugging Budweiser in China

Budweiser: It’s the King of Beers.

Good thing, too, because if the beer world was a democracy, we’d surely elect another, better-tasting, beer to be our leader. But, alas, Budweiser is American as Levi’s (made in Cambodia) and Coca-Cola. In places like, China it is imported. Yes, China sends us computers and we send them our subpar beer.

I saw this dude chugging a Bud atop Shanghai’s Pearl Tower

Budweiser in China

What the strangest place you’ve seen someone chugging a Bud?

I visited Shanghai to research my new book WHERE AM I EATING?AN ADVENTURE THROUGH THE GLOBAL FOOD ECONOMY, which comes out April 22nd (Earth Day)! Over the next five weeks I’ll be sharing new photos, videos, and stories from the experience.

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Matt J says:

I’m a cross country active adventure tour guide here in the States and Budweiser drinking foreigners always make me laugh. They’ll complain and complain about American beer but always buy Bud because it’s cheap and they think it’s the American way. I try to introduce them to new local brews and they won’t have it.

Kelsey says:

Matt, That’s hilarious. Let them drink our Belgian-owned all-American piss water. Sounds like a cool gig, you’ve got yourself.

Matt J says:

It’s by far the best job I’ve ever had in my life and part of the reason I’m here. I’ve definitely taken a more localized look at my life.

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