Tom Hanks on Faith & Fear

Tom Hanks gave the commencement speech at Yale this year. He shared some interesting thoughts on Faith & Fear.

Since Saving Private Ryan he’s become a bit of a history buff, and I appreciate the fact he takes a longer view on current events. We’re in a rough patch and, unless you are graduate from Yale, you might’ve noticed it’s not easy finding a job these days.

The talking heads on TV spout the latest fears at us (America is done, move to China, the earth is toast, buy gold because when the economy collapses and no one has anything to eat or drink it will be worth a lot!!!!) or they are spouting off, red-faced about Weiner-Gate. (By the way I’m totally against the use of -gate to describe a scandal. If Weiner-gate doesn’t kill the usage, nothing will.)

Every generation has their tough time or six. My parents hid under their desks in school, practicing in the event their was a nuclear attack. My grandparents were too young to know they were poor, but late in life they heard their parents talk about the tough times of the depression.

As Tom Hanks says history is a “Yin and Yang thang!” That’s important to remember. So why is it that we act as if there are more of us that have faith that the world as we know it is ending than those of us who have faith in tomorrow.

(Start at 9:30)

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