Returning to the scene of the bra

“I have a question for you all: where are you wearing?”

It’s a question that I would end up asking a thousand times over the next few years, but this was my first ever Where Am I Wearing? presentation.

I was at Books & Co. in Dayton, Ohio, and they were holding a contest. Who ever knew where the most items of clothing they were wearing were made won.

As everyone turned to check their tags, I gulped nervously on some water and reviewed my notes and then went into the crowd – maybe 15 people – to help check tags.

“Excuse me,” the woman in a black T-shirt said, as she turned and lifted up the back of her shirt. “Could you check the tag on my bra?”

Luckily, my mom (moms don’t miss their sons first ever reading) was nearby and stepped in to do the deed.


Anyhow, I have good intell that says the bra lady (also spoofed in this video) is a fan of John Scalzi and found out about my reading through his blog (my favorite blog around). Tonight my little brother and I are driving to Dayton to see John Scalzi talk about his new book, Fuzzy Nation (out today!!!!), and one question keeps popping into my head….

Will Bra Lady be there?

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