Lawyer accused of smuggling briefs into Gitmo

A big thanks to John at Provocate for passing along this underwear related news item to me. It’s only with the help of friends like John that I maintain my ranking as one of the top 10 living underwear journalists in the state of Indiana.

(From the New York Review of Books):

A Guantánamo commander has accused British lawyer Clive smith of smuggling Under Armour Briefs and a Speedo swimsuit to two prisoners he represents. Smith denied the claim and responded in a letter:

It seems obvious that the same people delivered these items to both men, and it does not take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that members of your staff…did it…. I have done a little research to help you in your investigations.

I had never heard of “Under Armor briefs” until you mentioned them, and my internet research has advanced my knowledge in two ways—first, Under Armour apparently sports a “u” in its name, which is significant only because it helps with the research.

Second, and rather more important, this line of underpants are very popular among the military…. It would be worth checking whether this lingerie was purchased from the NEX there in GTMO….

Tom Byrne, Under Armour‘s director of new business development, told Army Times that “The product has done very well in PXes across the country….”

On the issue of the Speedo swimming trunks,…I cannot imagine who would want to give my client Speedos, or why. Mr. Aamer is hardly in a position to go swimming, since the only available water is the toilet in his cell.


For more, I’m sure, far less mockable accounts from Gitmo read The Guantánamo Lawyers: Inside a Prison Outside the Law (affiliate link below).


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