Free Money update…

Wow! This week’s #ten4tues has been amazing.

Who knew that offering free money would introduce me to so many worthy causes supported by new friends and old? This is definitely something I’ll replicate in the future.

The tough part was choosing who to give the money to. Here were my top selections:

1)Kristi Scott is going to Trujillo, Peru to work at an orphanage. She writes that “the orphanage houses about 40 Peruvian children from various backgrounds including abuse, neglect, and extreme poverty.”

My thoughts: I spent a week at an orphanage in Guatemala and the experience has never left me. Giving to Kristi is a two-birds-with-one-stone kind of thing. It exposes orphans to a talented and passionate young woman. And it exposes a talented and passionate young woman to an experience that will likely shape the rest of her life.

2) Michelle wants me to give her $10 bucks so she can take it to the Fallston Animal Rescue Movement. Michelle writes, “They rescue dogs that have to be put down at other shelters because they need to be nursed back to health or need some behavioral training. The dogs stay with foster families until they are well, and then they are adopted out. There are 15 people involved (not counting the foster families), and they are all volunteers. Their main cost is vet bills; last year’s total was $80,000.”

My thoughts: I was raised by dogs. Sort of. And while I call myself a dog lover, I don’t really do enough to support less fortunate ones. I follow @aplacetobark on Twitter and that’s about it. Giving ten bucks to Michelle would allow her to support a cause that should be more important to me. Also, it’s my understanding that the family that runs the shelter makes up gaps in funding out of their own pocket. That’s passion that deserves support.

3. Virginia, a superhero librarian, wrote, “ $10 will purchase two books to give to high school ninth graders who may have never owned a book before–the program, started by our Friends of the Library group is popular with the kids, many who haven’t come to the library before–but soon realize we are here to help–we have free materials they can borrow–and there are computers!”

My thoughts: Where would I be without books and without libraries. I’ve written about this before. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting multiple libraries around the country since my book came out, and I’m a huge fan. The experience has completely changed the way I see librarians. They are lovers of knowledge and a great resource, but they are also quasi-social workers at the front lines of fighting poverty through education and literacy (including computer literacy).

4. James is going back to Liberia where he’ll assist at a medical clinic and more importantly return as a reinvigorated supporter of the Liberan people’s recovery from a decade long civil war.

My thoughts: James is a great guy that I’ve gotten to know over the last year. He gives to the Muncie community in so many important ways. A few hours ago, we were at lunch discussing our upcoming trips to Africa and I could hear how important this trip was to James.

All of these projects are worthy of my $10. I hope that someone will step forward after reading the above and give to them. If you do, please report back. Unfortunately I can barely afford to give $10 to one group per week. I believe someone once said, “I only regret that I have but one $10 bill to give …”

That said, I chose James for the following reasons: his Facebook post inspired the “Free Money” idea and I could take a photo of him with my $10.

I hope to support the other individuals in upcoming Tuesdays and shine more light on the great work they are doing.


Becky Vigus says:

I think what you are doing is awesome. Can you send me info on the Librarian? I’ll be happy to send her $10 for books….and maybe even some books

Anwar says:

I need money so help me please

Kelsey says:


Awesome! I’ll shoot her an email to contact you. Thanks so much!


Katrice Adamson says:

Hi I need $10 to help with finaces…..please contact me to let me know.
my address is:
Katrice Adamson
130 Dartmouth Street
Boston, MA 02116
thank you

k.naveenbabu says:

i want money so please help me

Am a student of Tamale Polytechnic in Ghana. I lost my father at an early age of 2 years.My educational responsibility to this level is the effort of my brother.At this level of my education i needed a laptop computer for my studies but unfortunatelly on my part my brother who is the care taker of my fees has no means to help me.Payment of my school fees is a story to tell. I therefore needed your support to help me acquire this laptop. Thanks for your support.

LaulaniH says:

You know, I have been surfing the net for more than 24hrs, trying to find ways to bring in some income. But you know what…. after reading some of the replies you received, my life is sunshine and roses… and here I was preparing myself to use my body…

Kelsey says:

I’m glad you got some use out of the stories folks have shared. I was just writing a silly post to connect with some people and then all of these amazing heartfelt stories overwhelmed the comments. Hope you are doing better. Good luck!

Nilanka says:

can i have 10 dollars, from USD 10 i can get medicine for one week coz iam a 23 yers having canser.

Carla M says:

I work full time as a veterinary receptionist at a small practice which cannot afford health insurance. I am 51, divorced, and live alone and have no family here in San Antonio. I am very lucky – I have a job I love and the best dog ever. However, this past week I developed some hypertension issues which caused me to go see the doc for treatment. My last pay check (the first of the month one) covered rent and very little else when you factor in medication and doctor visits that you had not anticipated. I am fine with food – yay rice, beans,and ramen noodles – and my dog Annie has her doggie food.I get paid next Wednesday and just need a few dollars for gas money so I can get to work. I have $2.12 in my checking account so I am kind of in a bind. I make $10.00 an hour so you can see I budget carefully. I drive a ford focus which gets awesome milage but still needs gas to go. I’ve looked at taking the bus but it would cost as much given the hours I work. Whatever you decide, I want you to know I think you are doing a great thing helping those in need. We need more good guys like you.

RAJESH says:

i need ten thousand dollors plz

cha says:

I have a heap of bills to pay . Pl send mr money

srinath says:

good evening my dear brother
i want to become a good helpful rich man like you…
but now i am in poor stage, i want help to my area poor people to make their skill development and make their family happy.. i have no enough money.. so please help me to help others and my self also….please help me my dear brother…
i am waiting for your reply
working as sales executive
5000 salary
thanks nantri

Jeya Mary.J. says:

I want to money for I am making own a build house but not enough money,i also want some rupees 4 laksh in india rupees.Please help me. my address 3/307 Pushpha nagar coloney, South Irungalur – 621105, Mannachannalur Taluk, Trichy district., Tamilnadu, South India.

Sunitha says:

iam troubling my life ,i don’t have money for giving house light bill and water bill i,then iam heart problem and bp problem nobody can help me my mummy also patient ,we have money for teatment also please help me my account no…1146101931735 canara bank ifc code cnr b0001146 micr code 560015062 please send me some money

Cebile says:

I need money to make some project to get life goes on because i am elder of family my mother was died and father i am poor

B.S.gayan sanjeewa says:

Dear sir.
My English language is not good but I think u can understand my problems my problems is I take some loan start business but now days my business is lost now I can’t recover the loan if u can give me $2000.god bless u

Tahir ali says:

My name Tahir ali
Mera house fleed ki waja se khatam ho gya hai men ab rent k makaan men rehta gun mere haalat bht kharaab hain please give me some money

Md Pervas sorwar says:

Dear Sir I am Md Pervas Sorwar From Chittagong Bangladesh i am poor ma i need ten thousand dollors please help me .

Md Pervas Sorwar

Nuura Muuse says:

Hi ineed mony plze help me becous iam poor

nura says:

Ineed mony help plz

Moin says:

I am very poor n I want to buy a phone

sanju.k.thomas says:

i want money so please help me iam a kidney transplant patient i can get medicine so plz help me my account no:10850100119813,

shyline evangelista says:

Hi.i am from phil. Im looking for any amount that can help me with my problem.i am so depress and feel so down,sometimes i feel suicide can solve my problem.pls help me

Shruti says:

I need money to take my parents on a foreign trip……hope you consider me sir

pls I need $10 to sponsor my education thanks.

pls I need $10000 to sponsor my education thanks. sir pls consider me I know u can help me $10 won’t be enough for my education thanks ones again

pls I need $10000 to sponsor my education i am an orphan and am from Nigeria pls consider me sir i know u can help me $10 won’t be enough for my education( university )this is my number 08054069329 thanks ones again

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Tigran says:

Hello, good people. I’m in trouble. Four years ago I helped one person who needed an immediate operation. He helped him with money, took a loan at his own expense. After the operation, this person lived for a year and a half, the loan remained hanging on me. It’s time to return the debt. All that I could have sold, but not enough money. I keep the family. I was in a very difficult situation. There is a real threat of staying on the street with the family. Help me please pay off my debt. I will be grateful for any financial support. ABSOLUTELY ANY.
My Payeer Wallet is P61521821.
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I do not know where to write or whom to turn to. excuse me
Thanks to all who will respond

Ramu taro says:

I’m from India and I very glad for help the people. I’m a poor and needy and some money to be in my study. May God bless you.Amen.

hassan ali says:

hello good people my name is hassan

hassan ali says:

hello good people my name is hassan ali and i am from pakistan i need $1000 for my personal work please help me all i am very exhausted

hassan ali says:

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I’m PRATHEEP I am making own business in my area I am making homemade sankes I am developing my business plz help with me god bless you and your family thanku


I am very thank full too you

Srinivasan says:

Dear sir
Iam srinivasan, I need emergency ly 2lakhs.please help me sir

manpreet singh says:

sir i am very poor

manpreet singh says:

sir i am very poor plzzz help mee i have no money plzzzplzzzz

irfan akram says:

I m in a big tarabal plz halp me i need $80000 only my fried i speek broken english therefor i naver discrib u my parabalam
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I can not wright english i want to tel u in urdo ok
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Paul Abumere says:

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patrick sini says:

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n.rajesh says:

Hai sirr my name. Rajesh n , im a telugu
My family is problem. Please please sir help mee 3 lacks plz help me

fasi says:

Hi sir

Please help me i want 20$ because i have impotency-disease and my father also handicapped and he is not working please help me sir am pray for god its you please…

My number:- 8686362583 whatsapp available

Address:- mustaidpura.sabzimandi.hyderabad

Taaiteiti says:

Hello sir, my name is Taaiteiti I’m from kiribati live in Tarawa with no job and had 9 kids, I would like to thank you for your helping as You say sir, now let me start to explain about my family life here in the pacific were we live, first life here is meinly on fish resauce and that were we only can get a small money from,as fish here sell on very low prise like 75cent kg , so nothing we can do about it so we decide to make our carden for planding cabbage but we do need water tank for the cabbage and etc… But too hard to get 2 water tank as the cos of 500$ one tank, so pliz sir help our prand will give us more money if we sell but no one can support us so you are the only hop now sir please thank you God bless you and your family
Kindly call me on my ph# (686)73083862
Or mail me (email)

Chandrika says:

I’m at india my name
chandrika please very urjent help me 200000

Bailing Patra Canapi says:

Dear Sir, how are you? I’m Bailabi Canapi from Philippine I’m Muslim
Mindanao Area, sir please can you help us, since 2007 after war in Nunangan Talitay Maguindanao my little house was burn and until now me and my mother brothers sister still living in evacuation my mother is single mom since 1997 my mother don’t have job now shes 54age we need help Sir just only or buy small house for us. Please sir thank you, shukran i hope i can get reply from you, God bless you and all of your family, sultan.

Dear sir
I have no money to go job intervju .i have job intervju tomoro that way i need money.pls hjelp me

Aray says:

please help me please about $ 100,000. I left my husband and son alone. I’m a simple teacher of money a little, I still have loans and debts. This time, asthma was put on the stress. Still in 2006 has transferred operation on the right kidney, now it is urgently necessary to operate with the left. Please help

Rizwan ali says:

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My dream is air hostes, and my family is very poor so plzzzz help me

My dream is air hostes, and my family is very poor so plzzzz help me and am return you money before job

My dream is air hostes, and my family is very poor so plzzzz help me and am return you mon pley before job 70000plzzzzzzzz help any way

Shubha N says:

Hello sir I have lot of problems please help me

pascal says:

my name is pascal i need help from u i lost my parent so aim in college but luck money i want to stop because money but if you help me never stop may God bless you.

pascal says:

sir please help me

Asif says:

I have need money for my son’s operation plz I can’t find another way I’m Muslim butt need a donation for my son plz

sunday says:

I’m very poor ineed some money

Tanveer says:

I am very poor man my six children and no my home please help me

Sravan says:

sir, am sravan am in india. my family poor. my small brother age 10years. he is has a blood cancer. if you don’t me you will areged money sir. doctor said your brother condition serious . before pay money oparation fee 72 lakhs but 40 lakhs immidiantly pay the money countar. please help me sir. my mobaile no 6300693160 my bank account name andra bank account no.138210100142923 ifsc ANDB0001382 please help me indian currency 40 lakhs please save my brother sir

Sravan says:

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Sravan says:

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Sravan says:

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Pls am very very good i finish school which is secondary since 2017 pls i ned money pls sir my familly said nothing for me my dadd as die about 17 years ago

Pls sir i finish secondary since 2017 my dadd die about 17years ago no money my mummy try but pls sir am beging u pls sir

Mandeep kumar says:

Dear sir/madam
I am from India .. I am jobless since 3monthes .I had no savings. Hand to mouth, my son is 3 yr old .. no food in the house please help me out
Thank you

Mable says:

You a wonderful person God bless you. Sir I need $1000 am homeless with 5years son I need to buy plot I build a small house with my son. Am single mother

Iam very poor man . I need bike for job .. please help.. this is my Paytm number .8197371424

Iam very poor man . I need bike for job .. please help.. this is my Paytm number .8297371424

Wabwire Swaleh says:

Iam Wabwire Swaleh From Uganda Africa,we Have An Orphanage School Called Byandi Munaku Orphanage School.Which Deserves Your Ruthful Hand.I Greatly Give Thank To You Merciful Deed.#Wabwix #Swaleh On Facebook. (+256)0753473270.

balram singh jadon says:

pls send money for food less

Emmanuel says:

I need for my studies please help me sir

Nirmal says:

I need nearly twenty Lakhs to solve many problems. Please help me. So urgent. Please please please

Nirmal says:

I m from India .l need money to solve my family problems. It’s not 1 or 2.please help me. I need 20 Lakhsi in India money.pls help me I believe you .im waiting for ur money pls

santhosh says:

I need money for my education. Plz sir help me

From Uganda Africa.We Have An Orphanage School,which We Initiated Some Years Ago.But The No. Of Orphans,greatly Increased.Food Not Enough,poor Accomodation,unsafe Well Water Use.We Really Need That .Stake. Iam Using An Ordinary Phone,not A Smart Phone! No Email,only A Call On (+256)0753473270.And Through Western Union.If Your To Help As You Altruistically Help Others.And I Pray That Let God Pay You Aboundantly.Thanks For Being Tenderhearted To The Needy.Be Blessed In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ.

Helping,is Fulfilling What The Bible Tells Us In.DEUTERONOMY 15:11,EPHESIANS 4:28, GALATIANS 6:2 HEBREWS 6:10, 13:16 LUKE 6:38, MATHEW 5:16. So Mr.Kelsey Timmerman,thanks For Being Altruistic To The Needy.Selflessly Helping Those In Crisis.Tenderhearted To The Hopeless.But We Also Need That Stake In Our Orphanage School.No Email,only Calls Can Work As My No Is (+256)0753473270.Wabwire Swaleh.Orphanage No. Increase Not Enough Food,poor Accomodation,no Money For Electricity Bills,atleast A Borehole Than Using This Unsafe Well Water.Please Merciful Be A Philanthropist To Our School Sir.Thanks You,this Is Africa Uganda.

jonnyjowelle 8xt6dlmkfob0 says:

2choonda st

Uma says:

Please help me sir. And medam I am very poovar.. Please help me to

kanta says:

Am kanta from india
I am belong to poor family my parents is old guys he is not a working my incoming nothing I am louch to new shop but I have no money plz help me
I promise return your money
Plz help me plz plz

Taaiteiti says:

First I wanna to thank you for the awesome give away free money,the idea of give away money as start from your love, your heard, your body, your mine. In each way idea as you decide to help people and i thank you for what are you thinking and doing. About my self my name is Taaiteiti Areke and I am from the Pacific Island of Kiribati live in Tarawa with my my wife and 3 kids, are not in scholl, let me tell you wy, Yes i was bornd in a poore family call Bakuraewa, and we live in the out of villege and nothing were we live just coconut to eta with fish every day of our life, my dad was pass a way when i was 6 years, and i my mum raise me with the same life as eting coconut with water but no fish afther my dad pass, i don’t even know about what is money is, till my mum was try to put me in school at the curch were no school fees for kids age as 6 years but sad thing for me is she only be with me for 2 years and she pass a way too, So the pastor was take me with as i don’t know what but i stay with that pastor for 3 years and i sometimes i cry in the small hard house were they put me as a room i still can’t forget my mum and dad as i know that I’m a loss boy and when some kids show up to school every morning and i see them kis and hug them as well but it make me pian and run away hiding cry. So in the year 15 and i runaway from the pastor to try and see things like sety town but this plaise were have prenty of people were need money for life but its to hard to gett money for theyr life like what i use to be, am sorry i can’t go futher more with my life story at the moment but i end it here need money in my new life and hard to get no edducation and nothing at all thank you
Loss boy.

Harish Singh says:

I need money plzzz help me someone..

Harish Singh says:

I have been able to solve the problem … I have also solved my problem with money. I did not want to do anything like this … I have to pay my money for my money and I will pay 6 months to pay with interrest..

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Hasan says:

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Nasir up iqbal says:

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Asad khan says:

Dear, sir I need money plz help us I am from Pakistan . it’s my email address plz plz help.

Sandra says:

Hi there

I’m unemployed…company has closed down due no funds last year….difficult to get a job due to age …please can you help with some money at least to pay rent good and education…will appreciate it..

Dear sir I am a problem with the my buisness is down my age is 48year I have five children and study of primary school 1.child was studying for B.COM 2ND YEAR AND I HAVE no any income. Please help me I will be praying for you to long live

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oshanie says:

I am very poor. I have 3 children. they go to school. my husbond is divorced. we haven’t house and money. please help us

Tiana says:

Hello Kelsey am from Africa I just need some money to buy roshe and van shoes. Thanks God bless you

sourov sardar says:

my faimily is very poor .
I need 10 thousand dollar …..plzzzz help me….my PayPal account

Hamed chaush says:

Helo sir iam muslim boy iam very poor i want to wear and eat good food at home we dont have good food we are very poor since from 2 days my parents are hungry help me out please

H. Mercy says:

Respected sir please help me I want money for my baby and parents and my family. please sir I neg you .

Anzer says:

I want to get my grandmother a gift but I still need ten more dollars

M sadiq says:

Sir i need a work any type to get money



Muhammad nasir Ibrahim says:

Please help with some cash that I would use to pay my waec examination



zahid says:

hi my name is zahid i am 52 years old…………i worked with many companies ….i was hard worker but due to low income i always face poverty …………i want to start my small business …………i dont known my dream will come true yes or no………..looking for humble person ………….i hope your smile will make me smile……………..thanks

Nadeem says:

Hi sir I am Nadeem I have 4 child and we live in rented
House I have no work and this time my family condition is
Very critical and no food for live in my rented house so
Plz help me my contact
Please I request you for God

Amir Shahzad says:

please help me a some money give me
thanking you

Basiru says:

Hello good evening to all my friends my name is bashiru Ibrahim from Ghana and I’m a poor man and from poor family and all my family denying me and they say to me I’m a bad luck and they don’t want me to get money and that’s why I’m asking help from peoples so if you love me help me for Lord is ever ready to help those who help themselves so please help me and the Lord will bless you and when Jesus said do not judge do not condemn and you be not condemned and also he said give and it will given to you so if you give me the Lord will richly bless you in the name of Jesus you’ll be blessed please my brothers if you have any job call me may the Lord bless you and make your work great and you end in success for a man

Anas says:

I am Poor person don’t have any money please help me me sir my mobile number 03357219297 send me RS:5000 rupees in Pakistani.

Vijay chand says:

I am working from 15 years
in all schools in my place
but on an average I have earned
Only 50$ per month my life is waste
If I get 10$ from you i will start
Growing tomatoes in a grill so that
It protect from squirrels thank you

Hello sir I’m poor people I need help to help my mother please help me

R.Baskar says:

I want money for my 2 children’s education si

Nikhat parveen says:

I m very poor please give help me money my family five member name nikhat parveen a/c no 34969466194 ifsc code no sbin0012649 bank name state bank of india

Gita Adhikari says:

Happy New year Sir Iam Gita Adhikari from Nepal Sir iam a very very poor woman Sir i have no prasonal house and land Sir please help me Money Sir please Sir

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