Upping the Ante: 100 entries and I'll shame my family

The iPod contest is going awesome. There are some hilarious entries. Some have altered lyrics to existing songs and others have even made their own from scratch.

Obviously we’re all having a lot of fun, so…

Why not have even more fun?

Here’s the deal: Currently we have about 40 entries, if we end up with a total of 100+ by Tuesday (6/30) at 11:59 PM EST from NEW people, I will perform the winning song.

I’ll sing. I’ll dance. I’ll shake my groove thang.

Matt Barhorst says:

How much money do I have to donate so you won’t sing and sance?

Matt Barhorst says:

That is “dance” by the way.

Sonny Johl says:

Actually, Matt, I think Kelsey’s idea of “dancing” may actually be “sansing”. I’m not sure if I want to find out for sure, though… :/

Jenn says:

Just pimped you on Scalzi’s blog…although, he put up the pimp thread on the 15th and I didn’t check it until today, thinking, “maybe Scalzi’s done a pimp thread lately?” Hopefully you’ll still get some traffic from it!

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