Sonny Johl says:

Great video! Not that the old one was bad or anything… 🙂

Jenn says:

Love it!

amy says:

Looks great!

Cory says:

Love the new trailer, definitely better than the first one. Love what you’re doing!

Melissa says:

I think you’re selling yourself short…you’re probably at least in the top five living Indiana underwear journalists!


Larry says:

LOVE IT. Way to go Kelsey and Rule 29

Kent says:

“Others make it. And we have it made.” powerful.

Kelsey says:

Thanks for all of the great feedback.

Melissa, you are too kind. I hear that Frenchlick has got some great underwear journalist. So does Terra Haute. If I’m in the top 5, I just squeaked in.

Mike, Finally. A trailer that you don’t have suggestions for more work.

Larry, couldn’t have done it without you!

Kent, I’m milking that line for everything it’s worth. It’s about the shortest summation of my book.

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