WAIW Reviewed in the Key West Citizen

I just stumbled upon a review of WAIW in the Key West Citizen.

Do you know where your clothes were made, by whom and under what conditions? Do you care? Should you care?

There’s at least one journalist and travel writer out there who thinks you should.

In his non-fiction debut “Where Am I Wearing,” former Keys resident and Ohio native Kelsey Timmerman contemplates the tag in the back of his favorite T-shirt (it reads “Made in Honduras”) and decides to visit the places where his clothes were made in the hope that he might meet just a few of the people who had produced them.

Key West is where I got my start as a writer. It’s less romantic than it sounds. I didn’t write with a mojito at my side on my sunny veranda beneath swaying palm tree. I wrote in an attic — an actual fold down ladder attic. It was hot. It was dark. I drank water to keep from passing out. Consuming alcohol while writing would have led to severe dehydration and most likely death.

My first ever published words appeared in the now defunct Key West City Paper. I wrote for them for about a year before they went under. I don’t think it was my writing; it was probably the hurricane that hit them and their advertisers. For each story I got paid $0, but the experience was priceless.

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