A book that has changed the way I buy mushrooms

I’m not quite done with “Poorly Made in China” by Paul Midler, but it has already changed my life, specifically what type of mushrooms I buy. Paul is kind of the “cultural grease” that smooths business relations between factories in China and international importers.

One of the projects he works on is a bottled soap that depending on its packaging is hand soap, body wash, or bubble bath (the contents are all the same). Anyhow, after Paul sees the lack of standards and corner cutting that goes on at the factory that makes the soap, he stops using soap when he showers.

Today while shopping for groceries, Annie sent me off to get canned mushrooms. Unfortunately, all the canned mushrooms were Made in China, begging me to ask, “What and Where the heck am I eating?” So it was off to the fresh produce for me.

I’ll wear Made in China, but after reading Midler’s book I’m going to do everything I can do avoid eating it!

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Lynne says:

I don’t buy any food or chews of any type for my dogs that are “made in China.”

Kelsey says:

I hope I’m reincarnated as one of your dogs.

Lynne says:

How about being reincarnated as my son??!!??

Kelsey says:

God, what evils would I have to do to deserve that again.

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