I was on my book’s Amazon page today and saw some additions to the editorial reviews. It looks like someone has been taking positive bits of reviews out of context for me. Thanks whoever you are! Also, eat it Financial Times – apparently you accidentally said something good:

“If you are interested in learning more, I recommend Kelsey’s book. It’s light reading…Give it a try!” (, January 14th 2009) “…his conclusion that “we should try to be engaged consumers not mindless pocketbooks” may be a valuable revelation.” (Financial Times, January 24th 2009) “…puts globalization into human perspective. He Personalizes the stories of the people who make our clothes…highly entertaining and thought provoking” (Manchester Evening News, January 24th 2009) “Timmerman puts faces on the garment industry. This needs doing and he has the warmth, compassion and interest” (Irish Times, February 4th 2009) “…some of the realities – and myths…It’s a personal take on a global issue. The corporate version of travel writing.” (Ethical Corporation Magazine, February 2009)

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