Protectionism (giggle…giggle)

The buy-American clause in the U.S. Stimulus package that mandated the use of American made materials like steel was met with hard opposition last month. This month, a softer – nearly flaccid – issue has arisen…

(From the Associated Press)

The last U.S.-based supplier of condoms for global HIV/AIDS prevention programs could be forced to shut its doors because the federal government sent the work to cheaper suppliers in Asia.

The change came earlier this month as Congress dropped a requirement that the government buy American-made condoms when possible, with exceptions for price and availability. (KT: what about color and glow in the darkness?)

On a personal note: Kudos to Ben Evans, the AP journalist who wrote the story, for avoiding any silly puns in his piece. Articles like that are why I could never be a “real” journalist.

Speaking of which…If you’re looking for a good time, take a few minutes and try to think up your own puns surrounding condom protectionism or the lack thereof.


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