Mission Accomplished

I received this email yesterday. It made my day. This is exactly why I wrote WAIW?. (Thanks for letting me post this Jake!)


I am a college junior at Rutgers and I just read your book for a research paper. I figured i could read your book and extract some quotes that would provide a scathing critique of globalization and working conditions in developing countries. While it immediately became clear that your book would offer very little along those lines and would not be of very much use in my paper I was unable to stop reading it. I have long struggled to cope with the realities under which my clothes were made. I found your account to be very refreshing. The fact that you avoided rationalizing obvious assaults on human rights with macro economic rhetoric was awesome! And conversely, your ability to help me recognize that there is more to this problem than a rich man with a monocle and a top hat counting gold coins with absolutely no regard for the conditions of the workers who make him rich (as the people walking around my campus marching with signs might have you believe). I really appreciated getting to see the personal side of this issue, completely stripped of politics. Where am I Wearing affected me in a profound way, and i just want to thank you for writing it.

Thank you,


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