Will economic struggles reverse gains in labor rights?


Here’s a report from the Philippine’s Business World newspaper:

Business leaders — particularly Messrs. Schumacher, Valenzuela, and Young — also called for flexible labor rules.

The Employers Confederation of the Philippines has called for the temporary suspension of a provision in the Labor Code which prohibits lowering the amount of benefits an employee receives. The Joint Foreign Chambers, meanwhile, plans to stage talks with the Labor department, labor groups, and firms on options such as job rotation, forced leaves, and shorter work hours to avert layoffs.

“Labor policies must … not take away from the competitiveness of our industries,” Mr. Young said.

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i’ve contemplated this for several weeks now. i do think all systems eventually come full circle and naturally level themselves out. countries that grew too large, too fast, are bursting. the systems that allowed for that grotesque growth preyed on the less fortunate (i.e. America and Mexican labor).

i believe we’ll see American’s eventually pleading to have the jobs, “american’s we’re willing to work.” the system will correct and aliens will begin to go back to their homelands when the playing field become more level.

in a year, it’ll be interesting to see where we’re at…

-ross christopher

Kelsey says:

Ross, thanks for the comment. I wonder how much the world will level, and if I want it to. Not everyone can live like us. There’s not enough resources to go around, yet I hope for the best for the families I meet in my travels. I heard somewhere that 20% of the World’s population uses 80% of its resources. There’s not room for leveling without lifestyles changing greatly on each side.

In college I had an Anthropology professor that lived with and studied Native Americans. Basically, he had dedicated his life to learning about their way of life. One day in class he said that yes, the USA has done wrong by Native Americans, and that his house is on land once occupied by them, but he wouldn’t want to give his house back to them.

We want the world to change, but we hesitate to change ourselves.

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