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Matt Barhorst says:

I believe you meant “Niagara Falls” and not the “Grand Canyon.” And you have a Geography minor…

Mrs. M says:

Excellent interview. You sound SO informed (other than the location of the Falls, but forget I mentioned that!) No one will ever notice!

Melissa says:

Nice interview. You did a good job, especially for being sleep deprived.

On a somewhat related note…I noticed that my older Brooks cold weather running gear (purchased about 2000) was made in the USA, my less-old Brooks gear was made in Mexico, of US components (2004), and my newest Brooks stuff (2007) was made in China. I first started buying Brooks because it was a good price, and that is when it was made in the US. Then, I liked the stuff so I kept buying it. I just thought the change in countries was an interesting evolution.

Kelsey says:

Oops Niagara Falls! Dang! I know what got me; the state park near Perry is known as the Grand Canyon of the East. Apparently, my wire got crossed. A honeymoon to the Grand Canyon would have been way cooler than one to Niagara, though.

julie says:

Wow, you have to be exhausted with the exciting week you have had, and yet can still do an impressive, informative interview. Way to go.

Lynne says:

I was impressed! Good job Kels!!

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