CONTEST: X-mas tag Bingo

Be honest, did you look at the tags on all of the clothes you received for Christmas this year?

Whether you did or not, you’re eligible for the 2nd Annual Where Are YOU Wearing? Christmas Contest of Destiny. This year we’ll be doing something a bit different.

Like last year’s contest, you’ll gather all of the clothes you got for Christmas and inventory what you got and where it came from (country and brand) and post it in this comment thread. But this year we’ll be playing Bingo.

Here’s how to play

I’ve created a Bingo card with 16 countries and regions (a sample is below), if your list gets you four in a row, you have a chance to win.

Once the final card is posted (to be announced later), the first two people who get four in a row and email me “BINGO” will be declared the winners.

What do you win?

You can choose any one T-shirt on Rizzo Tees or Snorg Tees or an autographed copy of Where Am I Wearing?

Sample BINGO card:

For Christmas I received:

1 – pair of shoes Made in China
2 – Collared shirts Made in China
1 – blue jeans Made in Turkey
1 – T-shirt Made in Mexico
1 – Boxer Made in Honduras
6 – socks Made in USA

Given this list, I would have four in a row diagonal from top right to bottom left.

(note: this is just a sample: the final card will have the countries and regions in a different order)

Bingo Sample

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Kent says:

What if you didn’t get clothes… Can you guess based on what you think you may have received and where said items might have been made? Basically… can I make up a list?

Kelsey says:

Kent, there are no hard and fast rules to this contest. Feel free to lie/make up/whatever. I guess you should probably limit the # items you list to 5 or 6 though.

Rizzo says:

Ahhhhh this sounds like fun!

Let your voice be heard!