Grammatically speaking, my wife rocks

I’m the dumb one. I’m the one who types “their” instead of “there”, “to” instead of “too”.

Annie is the smart one. She catches my elementary mistakes and secretly wonders how it is I can write an entire book and not have complete command of the English language. I wonder right along with her.

She hasn’t proofread the entire manuscript, but what she has she expertly edited for grammar, and more importantly to see if there was anywhere that I could possibly embarrass and/or shame her.

Her read (correction: I meant “Red”. There I go again.) pen is compassionate. She read:

Students might not care about the janitor and how big of a mess they leave for him in their dorm’s corridors, but they care about where and…

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Why don't tags and socks have made in labels on them?

I’m off to a wedding and I’m wearing clothes I don’t normally wear.

Dress shirt — Made in Sri Lanka (never been there)
Pants — Made in Vietnam (never been there)
Socks — ?
Tie — ?
Boxers — Probably Nicaragua or Thailand (the tag has worn off)

Anyhow, this got me thinking: Why is it that some items of clothing don’t have a Made in Label on them? I know that the packaging they came in was probably labeled, but still….

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Oreo, the GalleyCat, exploited?

I’m Oreo’s writer. She is not my cat. The possession doesn’t flow that direction, unfortunately.

I scoop her poop. I pick her eye boogers. I put ice in her water. I stop working when she tells me to. When she demands it, I make room for her on my chair.

Media Bistro’s blog GalleyCat has accused me of exploiting Oreo for marketing purposes. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If anything, Oreo is exploiting me to spread Her Preciousness across the web.

GalleyCat, the website, reworked, GalleyCat, the photo:


Oreo is pleased with the photo appearing on another website, but she is offended by the LOLcat spelling. If she – being the supreme sentient being she is…

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Journalism student captured and released, translator still in jail

James Buck is a journalism student at UC Berkely. When he was in Egypt, he and his translator were jailed. Buck text messaged his way out of prison, but his translator is still there.

I’ve never tried to report on political unrest or war, but I have had to enlist the help of many kind-hearted translators over the last few years. Most of them are college students who I meet by going to the local university and trying to sucker someone into helping me. I would feel awful if I got them in trouble.

Buck feels awful. He writes about his ongoing, guilt-ridden nightmare here.

Mohammed Maree (pronouned mar-EYE) is a student of veterinary medicine. He’s a kind man with a quiet, gentle voice who held my…

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High school ME

Remember high school YOU? The one that went to a Spanish Club meeting once, but once was enough to put it on your list of activities on your college application?

You thought you were so cool. But you weren’t.

Today, my mom was cleaning out some files on her computer and found my list of activities during my four years of high school. I was a Who’s Who (lame give-us-money-to-be-in-our-book scam if there ever was one), alter boy, Quizz bowl, basketball player.

Hell, I was an angel.

Meet High school me! (the formatting is a little screwed up, apparently I didn’t know how to make columns on word)

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NorthFace, CAFTA, and Eddie Bauer under attack

The headline of the National Labor Committee’s Press Release:

Salvadoran Women Sewing $165 Jackets for The North Face and $54 Shirts for Eddie Bauer Cannot Afford Milk for their Children

The jacket in question is NorthFace’s uber-popular Denali jacket. I own one. Here’s me modeling next to my friend Sange in Nepal…

Khenpo and Me

The NLC is calling for a 50% wage increase that would allow “The workers and their families (to climb) out of misery and at least into poverty.” Companies in Central America and Mexico are already having trouble competing with their Asian counterparts. It would be great if they could increase the worker’s wage and still compete, but it’s not likely. I’m guessing the end of the industry in…

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In defense of Sweatshops

Benjamin Powell, Assistant Professor of Economics at Suffolk University, is coming to the defense of sweatshops. In this article he makes several arguments:

– we need to look at jobs in the garment industry in the context of their countries’ economies
– Fighting for workers’ rights alone will lead to the unemployment of workers
– Workers’ rights can only improve if worker efficiency and productivity improves

Here’s an excerpt:

Should Kathy Lee have cried? Her Honduran workers earned 31 cents per day. At 10 hours per day, which is not uncommon in a sweatshop, a worker would earn $3.10. Yet nearly a quarter of Hondurans earn less than $1 per day and nearly half earn less than $2 per day.
Wendy Diaz’s message should have been, “Don’t cry for me, Kathy Lee. Cry…

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If this is true, how am I not gay?

This video shows commercials for 10 toys in the 80’s that might have “made you gay.” I was 4 for 10.

I had a wuzzle. I still remember his name – Bumble Lion

I was jealous of my friend’s Michael Jackson “Beat it” action figure. Alright it was a doll, but back then MJ could really kick some butt. Those thugs in “Beat it” didn’t have a chance!

I had a pogo ball.

I wore underoos. Here’s photographic evidence.

Do These Underoos Make Me Look Gay?

How much more hetero can you get than these three young studs?…

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