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Rizzo says:

My site, Rizzo Tees, just went live about a month ago. Check me out at . If you like, save 10% until 12/31/08 with coupon code C6FC9NRD . And I print on American Apparel, made in the USA – I am proud of that (and they’re great t-shirts too).

Sites like SnorgTees were a huge inspiration to me as I built my site over the past year. Hope you’ll check me out.



Kelsey says:

Thanks for the info Rizzo. Your shirts seem very snorg-like. Good luck.

Rizzo says:

I appreciate the humor of Snorg’s shirts – mine are better, though!

Seriously though, one difference is that I have a few serious shirts, too. My “Do Not Want” shirt is one example.

Peace to all,

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