TIME Magazine Update

Apparently the 90-word write up in TIME Magazine isn’t in every issue of TIME. From the best I can tell, the piece is in the issue sent to subscribers, but not in the one available on newsstands. This is somewhat disappointing, but I find consolation in the fact that 3.4 million folks subscribe to TIME. If 1% of them bought my book, I would be pretty stoked.

I still haven’t seen a real life version of the review. My brother has. He said that there is a pic of the book to accompany the blurb. Kyle, if you’re reading this could you scan the page and email it to me. I kind of feel like I need to prove myself here. I’ve already had family and friends rush out to buy the issue. They report back, “Sure, you’re in TIME, right…”

I need proof.

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Kyle Timmerman says:

Trust me, everyone, he’s in it. I’ll scan it and send Kels a copy tomorrow.

Melissa says:

Kyle, you could be in on the scam. The link Kelse posted to the website could also be fake…perhaps we should have an independent party verify this?

(obviously, kidding. I’m sure you have better things to do with your time)

Lynne says:

Kels, it can’t just be in the ones that or subscription. I was looking at a subscription copy yesterday and it wasn’t in there. Kyle, is your copy subscription or did you buy off of newstand. Melissa, “The Brothers Timmerman” could be up to something!!

Matt Barhorst says:

Kels, call your publisher and make them deal with it. They want it in Time as bad if not worse than you do. Call every 15 minutes and ask the same question.

Lynne says:

I really think Matt should be your publicist!

Malayna Dawn says:

I’ve seen it! I’m so excited for you and glad to know ya! But I did wonder why it seemed to be on one of 4 pages in between pages 12 and 13. My dad wouldn’t give it up til he reads it, but if he does before I leave the U.S., I’ll pass it along.

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