If you were interviewing me, what would you ask?

I’ve started to do some interviews, and I think I could benefit from a little practice. Because when you’re talking about issues such as globalization, outsourcing, child labor, and sweatshops, sometimes it can get a little dicey.

Let’s just say that I may have endorsed the widespread use of child labor yesterday, which, just to be clear, I don’t.

Anyhow, send me a question or two that you would ask so I can brush up on my answers.


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Kent says:

Given the opportunity, what actions would you suggest the G20 take to improve conditions for garment industry workers?

Matt Barhorst says:

Wow, Kent went for the jugular. I was going to ask if you still preferred boxers over briefs after traveling all the way around the world to see how they were made. Just wanted to make sure you hadn’t grown disenchanted with the boxer industry.

On a sidenote, it was pretty cool to ask for your book in a Barnes and Noble by author name.

Heather Clawson says:

1. What will your next book be about?
2. How did you come up with such an idea, and how did you find all the different places to go?
3. Do you still keep in touch with any of the
people you met along the way!
4. How did you get such a hot wife and such a
hot friend like Heather?

Melissa says:

If every American consumer became conscious of factory conditions what would happen to the people you met in the book? Would they still have a job?

What do you hope readers take away from your book?

What percentage of your clothes do you know where they originated?

What responsibilities do you think consumers have?

What was the most surprising finding of your tour?

Kelsey says:

Thanks for the help, all.

Kent, that’s exactly the kind of questions I need to prepare for. Darn liberal media, think I know stuff off the cuff. Who do they think I am …Sarah Palin?

Matt, I think you missed your calling as a journalist, asking the questions no one else will ask.

Heather, #4 is probably the toughest question I could be asked.

Melissa, your first question is very interesting.

It would be easy for me to answer all of these (except Heather’s #4) in writing, but that’s not where I need the practice. So, maybe I’ll put these on flash cards and get to training my stupid mouth.

Kent says:

That liberal media… with their Gottcha quotes and their questions.

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