Matt Barhorst says:

Hi Baby Timmerman, guess who’s going to teach you how to say your first bad word!

Uncle Matt. And he can’t wait.

Kelsey says:

Hey, if you’re gonna learn to cuss, might as well learn from the master.

Kyle Timmerman says:

Please, Baby Timmerman isn’t blowing kisses; he/she is demonstrating the prodigious thumb-sucking prowess of his/her father.

Kelsey says:

So, I sucked my thumb until I was seven. I had to work hard to get big ol’ bucked teeth.

Matt Barhorst says:

Oh, is that why Kels? I just figured it was because you were in training to be an alter boy.

And yes, I can say that because I’m Catholic.

Kelsey says:

Matt, you might want to consider going to confession soon.

Joel says:


anyway, I dropped by to tell the Touron King, and I guess now the Touron Prince(ss) – you know ‘Prince of Tourons’ sounds much more fun and condescending – that you’ve got some serious touron competition headed your way. A certain country (hint: they’re not European, North American, Africa, South American, Australian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Korean, Japanese, or South East Asian) just got ranked has having the world’s most obnoxious tourists, beating out the Americans and the French.

it’s a tough world to raise a child in, eh?

Kelsey says:

Oh no! We’ve been dethroned!

Where’s my passport?

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