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Jenn says:

Okay, I’ll bite. What’s a willy worm?

Kelsey says:

Those cute little fuzzy worms that inch their way across the road. If Kyle decided to grow a moustache, it would look like a blond willy worm.

shelley says:

Hi Kelsey, i think you should have a category called “kyle” 🙂

Kyle Timmerman says:

I agree, Kels. As your super-cool big brother, I really should be featured more prominently on this blog.

Jenn says:

Kelsey, just exactly how slow are you going to even notice a willy worm???

Kelsey says:

Shelley, way to feed into his hallucinations of grandeur.

Jenn, Apparently I have some kind of willy-worm-radar. I see those poor little fellas inching across the pavement and it just pulls at my heart strings – which of course are connect to my car steering strings.

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