Bibi Russell, Fashion for Development

Me and Bibi

If I were corny, I would write something like: “Bibi Russell is a supermodel and a super nice person.” Because it would be true.

But I’m not, so I won’t.

I searched out the Bibi Production office in Dhaka today with the hopes of talking to someone about their grassroots work with Bangladeshi craftspeople. I didn’t expect it would be Bibi herself.

I asked if I could schedule a time to talk, partly because I didn’t want to intrude and interrupt whatever she was working on, and partly because I really hadn’t outlined an interview.

“Now is a good time. The electricity is out.” Bibi said.

Bibi could probably be living anywhere in the world in some huge spread. She’s a model and…

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Not every day

It’s not every day that you are in Bangladesh.

It’s not every day you interview a supermodel.

Today, I did both.

More, later….

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Contest: Show Me Your Underwear

My Undies

You’ve seen my underwear. Now show me yours.


Email me ( a photo similar to the one you see here or a link to a photo of you posing with your most loyal pair of skivvies. The one’s that have been with you through thick and thin, at home and on the road. The more holes and cartoons the better. Tell me why you love ‘em and, of course, where they were made.

I will post all of the photos and their related stories on the Underwear Wall of Fame.

Winners will be announced on March 20th and will receive this t-shirt or a genuine Bangladeshi souvenir hand-selected by yours truly.

Now, show me the undies!…

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Honduras & The greatest job ever

Not only was my trip to Honduras a great start to my quest, it also helped move my writing career along. I broke into some nice markets and radio with material from the trip. Check out a few of ‘em:

In the Christian Science Monitor

On the World Vision Report

In the matter of full-disclosure, while I have published many of the stories from the Honduras trip, I have yet to recoup the cost of the trip. Not even close. Yesterday someone told me that I have the greatest job ever. I do, but it’s expensive….

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Picture Bangladesh

The boat trip south of Dhaka took all night…

Dock Kids

In the morning, fog clung to the Padma River…

Foggy Padma

I played a full-contact game of tag in which whoever is IT had to chant Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi…

Kabbadi running

I got tackled…


And most of all, people stared.


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Does this water taste like cyanide to you?

Obviously, I’m a label watcher. Whenever I’m bored on a bus, in a line, or on the can, and there isn’t any acceptable reading material within reach, I start reading labels

I was reading the label of my Bangladeshi-bottled water today and came across a few frightening things in the mineral composition list. It included such lovely death-bringing, birth-defect-giving minerals such as Arsenic and Cyanide. Now I’m no chemist, but I’ve seen enough spy films to know that cyanide isn’t the peachiest of substances.

Nil – thankfully, that’s the quantity of arsenic and cyanide in the water. But what disturbs me is that the bottler here in Dhaka felt the need or was required to list these items.

How much arsenic and cyanide am I being exposed to…

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