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Joel says:

what? where’s the white picket fence?

Matt says:

You know what I think when I see this picture…you’re going to be working your ass off around that house. Every time Annie makes a “suggestion” to do something and you bitch or moan, she can say “Hey, you’ve been on another continent for the last 4 months while I had to work on the house by myself AND plan a wedding” and you’ll have no choice but to do any dirty work she can find for you. Dude, you’re screwed.

Kelsey says:

Joel, not sure if we’re allowed to have a picket fence. Damn, commie home owner association!

Josh, Thanks.

Matt, the thing is that Annie is pretty much handier than I am and she likes to mow the yard. I plead incompetence when it comes to most chores. Let’s hope this works. Although, I did fix a leaky toilet this weekend…what was I thinking?

Phalline says:

Hi Kelsey,

I’m glad that you arrived home safely. Now you can have sandwich as you missied ;-).What a nice picture of you and Annie!

Kelsey says:

Phalline, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve enjoyed several sandwiches since I’ve been home. I even ate Mexican the other day.

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