What's in the Dhaka News??? ME!!!

How rare is it for someone like me to show up in Bangladesh? This is how rare…

Me in the News

Thanks to the gang of The Daily NewsLine for taking the time out of there busy day to talk with me. It’s an honor to be news.

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jv says:

Sweet. How’d you swing that?

I was also in the Bangladeshi news once … a guy claimed a story I wrote about the experience of being a white tourist in Bangladesh was pure fantasy. He didn’t believe that people stopped to stare, followed me down the street, etc.

After reading about your experiences, I’m sure you can vouch for the accuracy of my story! Check it out: http://www.weeklyholiday.net/2007/020207/mis.html(see the portion headlined “Children of Adam and Eve,” toward the middle)

Kelsey says:


I’ll back your story 100 percent. If a purple dude walks down the street in Ohio, I’ll stare. In Bangladesh we’re purple.

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