Menage a…OUCH!

Today, I was double-teamed by two nurses. One of them gave me typhoid and the other Hepatitis B.

Crazy Nurse

No, no, not like that. They gave me shots. You perve you.

I don’t mind getting shots, but this was kind of intimidating. They had me stand in the middle and then simultaneously gave the injections in each sholder. I don’t like to watch, and usually turn away until the deed is done. But this time, every way I looked there was a nurse giving me a shot.

The whole thing was actually sort of insulting. As if they thought, after receiving the first shot, I would break out into a quivering ball of snot and tears, and run out of their office.

The typhoid one is really starting to ache. The Snoopy Band-Aid helps only so much.

They didn’t even give me a sucker! And I was so brave.

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Justin says:

That had to be an experience.. Sorry about not getting a sucker that had to be a disappointing.

Kelsey says:

The worst part is that I have to go back this Friday for another shot.

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