Invite me to speak with your group

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Invite me to speak with your group

I’ve received a lot of great feedback from readers since the release of “Where Am I Wearing?” I’m so glad that I was able to introduce readers around the world to Arifa, Nari, Ai, Dewan, Zhu Chun, and all of the other folks who make our clothes.  What has really amazed me are the number of readers who want to help me reach even more people.

Readers have arranged for me to visit high schools, universities, non-profits, and book clubs (here’s my book club page).  At some point they have to pitch me as a speaker, and to assist them I’ve made this page.

Here you’ll find all of the things that you need to convince the powers-that-be to let me introduce your group to the amazing folks I met on my global quest.

A video of me introducing the book

The first chapter of Where Am I Wearing?

Discussion sheet

Where Am I Wearing Flyer

Speaker flyer

A mini-slideshow

Email me ( your address and I’ll hook you up with a “Where Are You Wearing?” shopping bag and some other promo materials.

Thanks for the help!