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Where Am I Wearing 2nd Edition is out !

The Where Am I Wearing? 2nd edition is out! Now with 38.4% more words! Waiw2 Cover

It was a pretty major update. All of the old material is still there, but there are also about 25,000 new words.

Here’s where to buy Where Am I Wearing?

I always felt that the book was incomplete. I went to Honduras, met a garment worker named Amilcar who I chatted with for 10 minutes, I didn’t ask him the questions I wanted to know (dude, is this a sweatshop?), I went home and was haunted by Amilcar, so I went to Bangladesh, Cambodia, and China to meet the people who made my clothes and ask them the questions I didn’t…

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Be pissed off for greatness

“If you aren’t pissed off for greatness, that means you’re okay with being mediocre.” – Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis delivers a 2-minute powerhouse of a motivational speech to the Stanford men’s basketball team before their NIT semifinal game. It hits just as hard as Lewis does on the field. You can’t watch this video and not go chest bump your nearest co-coworker or in my case my cat.

A shout out to my brother, Kyle, a scientist, for pointing this out with the following note: “Hell yeah! After watching this, I’m going to go do me some science until my eyes bleed.” …

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33 things I packed for 1 week in Honduras


What does a vagabonding underwear journalist pack on an 8-day trip to Honduras?

packed1 pair of Khaki pants
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of shorts
1 lucky shorts (they don’t stay up anymore so they serve little other purpose)
2 T-shirts
3 polo shirts
4 pairs of underwear
5 pair of socks
1 belt
3 shoes (flip-flops, running shoes, dress shoes)
Immunization book
Book to give Amilcar when I find him
Point & Shoot camera
Toiletries (teeth, shaving, skin)
1 Aerobie super disc to give away
1 Aerobie super disc to play withg
1 hackey sack in case of emergency1 2450 cubic inch backpack
1 Kindle
1 Domke reporter bag

And when I cram all of that in my backpack and bag it weighs about…

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Be Selfish, Volunteer

The Ayn Rand Institute is now accepting volunteers.

From the institute’s website:

If you are unable to make monetary contributions or just want to do a little extra to help ARI, we invite you to become a volunteer!

ARI relies on volunteers to assist us with various departmental projects and with the running of special events. While we have a wonderful and very capable staff, we can always use additional help at peak times.

If the irony of this doesn’t slap you upside the head, you must not know who Ayn Rand is.

Ayn Rand is most well known for her novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. She is a champion of rational egoism: an action is rational only if it maximizes self-interest. …

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Conan to grads: Failures can become catalyst for reinvention

To say I’ve become obsessed with commencement speeches might be an understatement. I’ve watched Tom Hanks talk at Stanford, Colbert talk at a small college in Illinois, and this morning, Conan address Dartmouth.

I’ve given one commencement speech, way back in 2006. I think it went okay. One of the audience members peed her pants and several more picked their noses and ate it. My commencement speech was to middle-schoolers and kindergartners near my childhood home in Ohio. For my efforts, I received an honorary certificate of participation and a pen.

I haven’t done a commencement speech in a…

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69, Bangkok, and other things that are hilarious to high school students

“How many people does it take to sew together a single pair of blue jeans?” I ask the audience of 500 high schoolers. It’s 8:00 AM and the fact that a bunch of hands go up is a testament to the beginning of my presentation filled with fart jokes and encounters with deadly venomous snakes. (If I ever stumble upon a farting venomous snake, I’ll have struck pay dirt. For now I work with the stories I’ve got and they seem to work pretty well.)

The guesses come: 5, 25, 8, 9…

“Let’s have one more,” I say. I point to a boy in the top row.


The entire high school giggles like Beavis and Butthead. …

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A song I didn't "get" until I was a parent

A confession: I have a Rod Stewart channel on Pandora. Harper and I listen to it every night when I giver her a bath.

The first song that came on tonight was Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young.”

And when you finally fly away
I’ll be hoping that I served you well
For all the wisdom of a lifetime
No one can ever tell

But whatever road you choose
I’m right behind you, win or lose
Forever Young, Forever Young

I’ve known the song for years, but I really never felt the lyrics until I became a parent.

Another confession: I saw Rod Stewart in concert…with my mom!

So there I sat at the side of the tub staring all sappy-eyed at Harper, and she gave me her cheese smile. A knot grew in my chest as I thought about…

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First Year Experience

(I’m at the First Year Experience Conference in Atlanta this weekend celebrating the Superbowl and my birthday. I thought I’d share the page I made for educators considering using Where Am I Wearing as a common reader. )

First Year Experience

In the 2010-2011 school year Where Am I Wearing was selected as a freshman common reader by Elmhurst College, Pfeiffer University, and Wingate University.

In the following video you’ll…

  • Learn why Pfeiffer University selected Where Am I Wearing
  • Watch what Kelsey has to tell an auditorium full of freshman about getting kicked out of his first college class & being undecided
  • See a synopsis of Kelsey’s global quest
  • Hear Kelsey’s advice on how we all can be glocals (local & global citizens)

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The Little Princes strike back

Day 3 of the Little Princes hostage crisis.  Between here and facebook and email and twitter about 40 of you have come to my rescue.  Now, how to find another 60 people to do one of the following and report back in the comments?

1) Buy little Princes from Better World Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, your local independent bookstore, or wherever. A portion of all sales go to support Next Generation Nepal;

2) Donate to Next Generation Nepal;

3) Like Next Generation Nepal and Little Princes both on facebook and then tell all of your friends about it;

4) Blog about Next Generation Nepal.

5) Ask your librarian to order Little Princes.

On Monday, the day Little Princes is released, I’m going to share why the book is so…

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