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Chinese reader worried about the future of her village

One of the things I ask myself about my book is, “Did I get China right?”  I was only in China for a month. (Remember there was no book deal at the time and my leap of faith was getting really expensive.)  While I don’t think it’s possible to get a place, especially China, right, I’m overjoyed to get this email validating that I didn’t get it all wrong. And, according to the awesome, fabtabulous, make-my-day letter I just received from a reader in China, I actually might’ve  been pretty close.

Dear Kelsey,

I’m a reader of your book ‘Where am I wearing’. I spent two days finishing your book and I really love it. I’ve learned a lot from your trips and the effort that you made.

I’m a Chinese girl…

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Blog post past: Mrs. Butterworth's boobs

(From November 2007. Although this post has nothing to do with globalization or garments it is one of the most viewed in the history of this blog.)


Where did Mrs. Butterworth’s boobs go?

When I was kid she was much shapelier. Now, she’s as flat as a pancake.

There are only two reasons why they could have disappeared (none of which is that she is old and gravity plays on such things – because Mrs. Butterworth is ageless):

1) Economics – Pinnacle Food Company, which produces Mrs. Butterworth, decided that they could make a greater profit if they flattened her out, thus robbing consumers of two D-cups of her sweet nectar.

2) Prudishness – After decades of children and adult alike fondling…

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Ehrenreich on "Recession Porn" and poor still not getting by in America

Recently Author Barbara Ehrenreich revisited some of the people she wrote about in her book Nickel & Dimed to see how they were faring in the current economic climate. She writes about them in a recent Op-Ed in the NY Times:

The current recession is knocking the working poor down another notch — from low-wage employment and inadequate housing toward erratic employment and no housing at all.

She says that the media is obsessed with “Recession Porn.”

the story of an incremental descent from excess to frugality, from ease to austerity. The super-rich give up their personal jets; the upper middle class cut back on private Pilates classes; the merely middle class forgo vacations and evenings at Applebee’s.

Yet the story of the poor getting poorer isn’t reported on. …

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