That time I filed a harassment complaint against my favorite ice cream shop

Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day–a day, which for religious purposes, we participate in whole-heartedly.

It was getting late in the day, our Sunday naps had given away to a flurry of activity–swinging, bike riding, Ninja-warrioring on the local playground, anything to try to wear out the kids so they would fall asleep before 2AM. (Oh yeah, we also enjoy playing with the kids, but, honestly that was secondary.)

I checked my phone in a panic between underdogs to see what time The Barking Cow, our favorite, local ice cream shop closed. The Barking Cow’s Facebook page said they closed in 50 minutes.

Oh look and there on their Facebook page was a picture of someone we know. The husband of Mrs. Stanley, Griff’s preschool teacher, was holding his little boy who was diving into a double-scoop waffle cone. Here’s the pic…


The Barking Cow


Awesome! Dad. Son. Ice cream. What’s not to love about this pic?

Anyhow, back to the ice cream decision…

I stuffed the phone back in my pocket and, after further thought, we decided it was not best to pump the kids full of sugar before bed. Besides, we had homemade apple turnovers and ice cream in the fridge that we could make after they were in bed.

(Fast forward an hour.)

I was reading Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban to Harper. The smell of the apple dumplings blasted through the vents into our faces.

“Daddy, what’s that smell,” Harper asked.

“Nothing. Must still be from dinner,” I lied.

“It smells like grilled cheese,” Harper said.

It smelled nothing like grilled cheese and everything like amazing apple dumplings.

“That must be it,” I said, even though we didn’t have grilled cheese for dinner.

So there I was lying to my daughter, for her own good and mine (more for me!), when I get a notification from Facebook that my harassment claim had been reviewed.

Harassment claim?

I clicked on the image of the post I had reported and there was Mr. Stanley innocently allowing his baby boy to eat some ice cream, and there was my report: “Hey The Barking Cow, I find this photo annoying or distasteful. Would you please take it down?”

Somehow I had butt complained, not only once, but twice!

Screenshot 2016-07-18 14.42.18

For the record, I highly recommend The Barking Cow. And I always find ice cream tasteful.





Aunt Cathy says:

If you can butt complain, it may be time to switch to frozen yogurt. Haha!

Kelsey says:

I like to think my butt’s newly discovered talent comes from squatting at CrossFit.

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