My Snatch (it’s a CrossFit thing, sicko!)

I’ve been working out at The Arsenal, Muncie’s only CrossFit gym. since July. After nine months this is my snatch lift (wide grip, from ground to overhead). It’s come along way, but still has a lot of work. I bend my elbows too early, and I don’t get under the bar enough.

This morning, starting at 6 AM, we completed 6 rounds of 2 reps. I matched my personal record of 105 lbs. I was hoping for 115 lbs. This is what I like about CrossFit. Your technique and strengths are measurable. In that way it’s not like writing at all. I can’t quantify my writing to see improvement. I believe that my writing continually improves — EATING is better written than WEARING — but all of this is subjective. I also like that I fail a lot. In facing, if I’m not pushing myself to the point of failure (I failed at 115 lbs), I know that I didn’t try hard enough.

However, like CrossFit, you only get better as a writer by doing it day after day, tweaking your form here, honing your technique there.

If you want to learn more about the CrossFit journey, I’ve written 9 blogs for the Arsenal from how I got roped into it, to how it has changed our lives.

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