Ashamed…I didn’t vote

I have a confession: I didn’t vote.

I did the research of who I was going to vote for, even scribbled their names on a scrap piece of paper, jammed it in my pocket, and drove to the courthouse yesterday to cast my vote early since I’m speaking at Tarleton State in Texas today. Voting stopped at noon. I had no idea. I arrived at 2.


Let this be a lesson to us both. Voting shouldn’t be an afterthought. Make sure that you’re registered. Confirm where and when you can vote. Don’t just assume the location is the same as the last time.

Pretend that your future is on the line and that your vote is the difference between justice and injustice, because it is.

And if you don’t vote, shut the hell up about taxes and potholes.

leeann hill says:

Well we at Tarleton are glad you came and saved us from the ridiciously boring person who spoke before you.

Vinay Kumar says:

i am vinay kumar my father and mother and also very poor. so you help me some money

Jared Hardison says:

Thanks for coming to Tarleton

Let your voice be heard!