33 things I packed for 1 week in Honduras


What does a vagabonding underwear journalist pack on an 8-day trip to Honduras?

packed1 pair of Khaki pants
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of shorts
1 lucky shorts (they don’t stay up anymore so they serve little other purpose)
2 T-shirts
3 polo shirts
4 pairs of underwear
5 pair of socks
1 belt
3 shoes (flip-flops, running shoes, dress shoes)
Immunization book
Book to give Amilcar when I find him
Point & Shoot camera
Toiletries (teeth, shaving, skin)
1 Aerobie super disc to give away
1 Aerobie super disc to play withg
1 hackey sack in case of emergency1 2450 cubic inch backpack
1 Kindle
1 Domke reporter bag

And when I cram all of that in my backpack and bag it weighs about 20lbs. All in all I think I might be over packed a bit, but it’s an amount I can repack in 5 minutes and I could carry it across Honduras if I had to.

What do you think? What did I pack that you wouldn’t? What else would you just HAVE to pack?

Melissa says:

I need to pack more underwear than that, unless I know I am going to be doing laundry. I’m OK wearing pants, shirts, etc more than one day…but I draw the line with underwear (even when backpacking).

Mary Alford says:

I traveled for ten days in China with less – you need quick dry clothes and a small packet of laundry detergent (and/or extra strength deodorant!) I washed socks and underwear every night, washed shirts and pants a couple of times. Another option – pack old (very old) underwear and just leave them. What I did not bring and wish that I had brought: a hat.

Mary Mascari says:

I marvel at your ability to travel in flip-flops. My feet would fall off.

Why 5 pairs of socks but only 4 pairs of underwear? Going commando a few days? Or are you planning to pick up some local undies as research?

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