WTAMU using WAIW as their first year reader!

I’m not sure if I’ve shared this yet, but four schools in the great state of Texas are using “Where Am I Wearing?” as a common reader this fall.  This means that every single freshmen will get a copy of the book and be expected to read it.  How awesome is that?!?

West Texas A&M University located just south of Amarillo is one of those schools.  Here’s what they had to say in a recent press release about selecting WAIW in:

“We always try to select books with global issues for the Readership WT program and to have students consider what kind of impact they can have on our local and global communities,” Kendra Campbell, director of First Year Experience, said. “With this year’s book, Kelsey Timmerman gives us insight into the lives of people from several locations around the world and has us consider how we are connected to their circumstances.”

Copies of Where Am I Wearing are being distributed to incoming freshmen at the various New Student Orientations scheduled at WTAMU throughout the summer and at Buff Branding. Not only will the students be encouraged to “check your tag” but also to take part in the essay contest on the book, and semi-finalists for a spring trip to Honduras will be announced at the annual Convocation Sept. 29. Timmerman, author of the book, will be the Convocation’s keynote speaker. Where Am I Wearing also is the common reader for WTAMU sister schools Tarleton State and Texas A&M University at Texarkana.

“I love that it’s something 18 year olds can relate to and be challenged at the same time,” Campbell said. “They care about the clothes they wear, but have probably never considered how it connects them to the broader world. Their decision to buy that T-shirt had an impact on the lives of other people around the world. The conversation around the book reminds us to learn about the larger world of which we are a part and to strive to have a responsible impact on our global community.”

I want to win the trip to Honduras! Am I eligible?

I think I’m facebook friends with every single student leader at WTAMU so far. In honor of WTAMU centering their freshman experience around the phrase “check the tag” I’m bringing back my daily tag check. Each day I’ll do an update about where I’m wearing on facebook and twitter. I hope you’ll join me. I’ll use the hashtag #CheckTheTag.


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