Thankful Home

My buddy Tim Bete, former director of the Erma Bombeck writers workshop, who forever holds a special place in my heart for dragging his daughters through 10 inches of snow to my first ever reading, is editor of a cool new project – ThankfulHome.

Here’s how Tim describes ThankfulHome: allows people to share their stories about housing issues by submitting short videos. Visitors to the site can share why they are thankful for their homes or talk about a difficult housing situation they’ve faced (e.g., homelessness, unsafe conditions.) By connecting people who have decent housing with those who don’t, hopes new innovative solutions to housing issues will emerge.

Having been away from my home for the past six weeks, I’m feeling very thankful for my home. Almost…

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Nuru International’s Be Hope To Her Retrospective

The day I left Muncie for my recent trip, NURU hosted one of their Be Hope to Her events in town.

I wanted to go, but the timing just wasn’t good. I would have had to leave from the event and go directly to the airport. I was milking those last remaining moments with my girls and opted to not be hope to her, but be a dad to Harper.

Nuru’s grassroots guru asked me to share a post about their Be Hope to Her events that took them around the country. It’s not out of guilt that I’m posting it, but out of great respect of the fine work that I saw the group doing firsthand in Kenya.

Take it away Billy…

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"You can't eat money" and other deep thoughts

Andrew and I have been in touch with one another throughout our Nothing Personal project and one thing keeps coming up…this ain’t easy work. It’s uncomfortable and emotionally fatiguing to talk to folks whose lives have been shattered by the crisis.

I’m tired of living this crisis and talking about it. But we have a lot more important work to do. The events of 2008-2010 have changed my life and the lives of countless others.

Here’s a windblown me trying to make sense of it all.

And here’s me talking to cows…

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How I travel

I’ve got a lot of love for the BootsnAll Travel Network. Their community of travelers is great. I often turn to fellow travelers on their message boards for on-the-ground advice. Plus, they played an important part in my story.

Outside of my family, they were the first people I told about my wacky idea to go all the places my clothes were made. They liked the idea, hosted the original Where Am I Wearing blog, and then gave me some love in their newsletter.

So, when Steve Bramucci asked me to participate in the wonderful “How I travel” series he edits, I was thrilled.

You should go read it now if you are interested in having longer-lasting, spine-tingling…travel.

Warning: It’s hard…

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