How I travel

I’ve got a lot of love for the BootsnAll Travel Network. Their community of travelers is great. I often turn to fellow travelers on their message boards for on-the-ground advice. Plus, they played an important part in my story.

Outside of my family, they were the first people I told about my wacky idea to go all the places my clothes were made. They liked the idea, hosted the original Where Am I Wearing blog, and then gave me some love in their newsletter.

So, when Steve Bramucci asked me to participate in the wonderful “How I travel” series he edits, I was thrilled.

You should go read it now if you are interested in having longer-lasting, spine-tingling…travel.

Warning: It’s hard to stop with just one interview. Before you know it you’ll be reading the archives and learning how Mark Twain, Rolf Potts, and Steve himself travel.

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You are awesome. You’re gracious, talented and passionate about the world– a rare mix. Keep having adventures, telling untold stories and savoring life on the road and we’re sure to meet up before long. Maybe one day we’ll find a project to take part in together or a trip that requires not one but two travel writers to record.

Thanks for the shout out and for taking part in HOW I TRAVEL!

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