See Kids Dream

One of the main things – and perhaps the most important – I hope to instill in my daughter is caring for her fellow man regardless of geographic location, ideology, orientation, creed, or color. There are a lot of organizations that accept donations and do amazing things with them. But there are few that truly empower kids as givers and show them how important it is to be part of a community of caring.

That’s why I’m giving $10 to See Kids Dream based in Columbus, Ohio, as part of my #ten4tues project. Join me if you want!

See Kids Dream Mission Statement

See Kids Dream is a charitable organization with a core purpose of empowering children to connect communities. The programs we offer engage children of all ages, abilities, socioeconomic status, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds in ways which help them to achieve their fullest individual potential. They foster connections and enhance community resources by cultivating the creativity, leadership and the natural desire of children to provide benefit to others and their communities at large.


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