Obama Masks: Made in china

I exchanged a few emails with a reader that works at a costume shop. I asked her where most of the costumes are made. She told me that they have a lot of vintage costumes and make many of them themselves. Of course, the ready-made costumes mostly come from China. Part of her response:

It was fun during the election to tell people that we didn’t know when we would get Obama masks back in stock because they were working on them in China and they had yet to ship. Some people got really mad, but they just didn’t make them here, they didn’t even try. They were ONLY made in China.

You just gotta wonder what the workers think while they are producing and packaging Obama masks or Mardi Gras beads or dashboard buddhas or dashboard Hula dancers or ________. The workers I met in China produced shoes. How shoes will be used is no mystery. But masks? Obama masks. Do they think we parade around dressed up like our Presidential candidates? The thing is, we do. Even superstars like Seal with supermodel wives do…

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