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I had a speaking engagement today. It went awesome. I overheard several compliments:

“He’s like Matthew McConaghey, but not so flaky.”

“Best speaker we’ve had.”

In the words of @garyvee, “I crushed it.”

In other news…

One of these days I intend to getting around to writing about book bloggers and independent reviewers. Unfortunately, today isn’t that day. Until then, here is one of the most in depth reviews of WAIW? that I’ve seen.

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Lynne says:

Kind of like “cliff notes” for Where Am I Wearing!

Matt Barhorst says:

Matthew McConaghey, uh? Apparently that was before they met you and thought the model on the cover of your book was you.


Just kidding, Kelsey. You’re dreamy.

Kelsey says:

Lynne, now people don’t even have to read the book!

Matt, If I flexed you would swoon. They all do.

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