A little help here

A very spiffy new version of this blog is only a few weeks a way and I need some help with a number of things:

1) Blog categories – As you can tell from the category list on the right, this blog is a mess. Half of those categories I created and never posted to again. So, the good folk at Rule29 who are designing the pending spiffiness are laying down the law. I only get five categories. Any thought on what they should be? I’ll toss out a few: Travel, Engaged Consumer, This Writer’s Life….?

2) What should I give away? Here’s what I’m thinking:

a. A rare Advanced Reader’s Copy of WAIW?
b. a WAIW? Shopping bag (my publisher is having these printed up)
c. a writing critique – you send me 2,000 words or less and I’ll tell you what I think and pass on a little advice (for what it’s worth) and perhaps a little career advice as well.
d. A CD with all of the radio essays/interviews I’ve recorded that relate to WAIW?
e. ?

Tell me what you think?

Kyle Timmerman says:

The ones you mentioned and maybe. . . 1) “It’s a Mad World (or just Mad World)”. You can rant and rave under this category. AND 2)”Potpourri” to give yourself an out.

Eva says:

Exciting news about the blog, Kelsey!

I like the three you mentioned, and Kyle’s potpourri suggestion. I also have a soft spot for the “A Thousand Words” category, assuming you plan on carrying on posting photos.

Larry Olson says:

Your publisher will supply a new iPod video nano, along with Kelsey’s travelin playlist to the reader who once the new blog launches, sends an email blast endorsement to ALL of their friends. The blast MUST be creative, engaged about WAIW topics and fun. Oh yeah, and Kelsey needs to be cc’d on the blast (no blind copying).

Eva says:

Oh yeah, and as far as the give-away? I like the idea of the shopping bag (so you can’t forget while you’re at the mall!) and/or the writing critique.

Melissa says:

I like the potpourri idea as well (nice word, Kyle).

Shopping bags seem to be the trendy thing these days. Here in Indiana in only two years it’s gone from me getting weird looks when I bring my own bags to reusable bags everywhere. Which is great for the environment, but I read that it takes a lot more energy to produce those bags (especially since a lot of them are shipped in from China). Don’t know if that’s true or not. Apparently it’s pick your poison…

Looking forward to the new blog! I remember when it was travelin-light, ha ha!

Kelsey says:

Okay, So here’s what I’m thinking for the 5 categories:

1) Travel (about my travels and travel in general: tips, news, etc)
2) Engaged Consumer (how what we buy influences the world)
3) This Writer’s Life (about me and my writing)
4) Mad World (news, rants, etc)
5) A Thousand words (pix)

Sound good?

Thanks all for the help.

Kelsey says:


I think my shopping bags are Made in the USA and supposedly enviro-friendly. Maybe I’ll do a post debating my own shopping bags!

Lisa T says:

Would they allow you a 6th? How about “People Behind the Products”? I always like the profiles and stories about the folks you meet during your research. (Or would that be part of “Travel”?)

Kelsey says:

I like that. There does need to be something people-focused. I’ll make the suggestion. Thanks!

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