Look Dad, my anthropology degree did payoff

Unlike most anthropology majors/degree holders, I’ve admitted why I chose to study anthropology in school. I always joke that I got my degree in the field and promptly became a dive instructor in Key West where I worked alongside another anthropology major. So, it isn’t like I’ve put the degree to good use, until now…

My WorldHum OneDerWear piece got a mention on the website of the Archaeology Institute of America. Eat your heart out Indy!

moonrat says:

sorry, non-seq. no mini-Timmer yet? you’ll let us know, right?

moonrat says:

ps Indy’s totally the reason (or part of it) i studied ancient history! congrats on the mention 🙂

Kelsey says:

Moonrat, No Baby T yet. I will let you know when it happens.

“It belongs in a museum” brings tears to my eyes.

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